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RepPanel 3D printer display a PanelDue alternative with WiFi


RepRap Printer

User Interface

WiFi Connection

Wired Connection

Supports WiFi and Wired connections

All basic features to start and monitor your prints

RepPanel is an affordable alternative to the popular PanelDue. RepPanel supports WiFi and a wired connection to your 3D printer. With RepPanel you can monitor and control your 3D printer from anywhere in your local WiFi. It supports your Duet3D/RepRapFirmware based 3D printer (see compatibility). An intuitive, clever and modern user interface makes it easy to use while still being very compact.

All you need to get printing

The RepPanel firmware supports all major steps to get your printer and print jobs running in no time.

Say goodbye to your smartphone when setting up prints and checking the print job progress.

Modern UI

Dark Theme designed with touch in mind


Boots in seconds

Low wiring effort

Only requires power when connected via WiFi


Lowest overall price compared to alternative solutions

Duet3D PanelDue alternative with WiFi support

Simple And Powerfull UI

Straight forward and clean design. Perfectly matched with screen size and use case.

RepPanel a PanelDue alternative with WiFi support

2nd Generation Hardware Platform

ESP32 Processor with built-in WiFi and UART interfaces

The first version of RepPanel supports a less compact hardware platform (HWv1) and was developed and released on GitHub for free more than a year ago. Since then, I added support for a more compact and capable hardware module that is developed by wireless-tag. Developing and testing such a firmware takes many months.
That is why I decided to link the firmware support for the improved hardware platform to a small fee.
Since it is very cost and time intensive to sell hardware, I decided to sell the RepPanel firmware only. This also makes it more convenient and cheaper for you, since you can source the hardware from your local supplier.

Give it a try directly in your browser. No download, no installation necessary. Experience the ease of use and benefits RepPanel will bring to your printing workflow firsthand.

How to Buy

A full RepPanel build requires the RepPanel firmware (the software) and the supported hardware module. You will need to buy both separately to get RepPanel running.

Read more here, about why this model is beneficial for you.

RepPanel Firmware





  • RepPanel HWv2 Firmware + license
    Private: max. 5 devices per license
    Commercial: 1 device per license
  • DIY 3D printed case files:
    3MF/STL, STEP and FreeCAD sources
  • Free feature and stability updates in the future
  • Local copy of Espressif Flash Download Tools for easy installation
  • Detailed documentation to get you started in no time

RepPanel Hardware Module


Includes the hardware module supported by RepPanel firmware



Supported 3D Printers and Firmware

Supported Firmware

Buy and test RepPanel free of risk. Get a full refund up to 14 days after your purchase if your setup turns out to be incompatible.
RepPanel does not support WiFi/Ethernet connections to Duet hardware in SBC Mode (Single Board Computer Mode, e.g. Raspberry Pi connected). Only wired connections (via PanelDue port) are supported in that case.


RepRap Firmware 2.x & 3.x

Duet 2 WiFi/Ethernet


Duet 2 via PanelDuet port


Duet 3 + SBC via PanelDuet port

supported but untested

Duet 3 + SBC via WiFi/Ethernet

not supported due to API differnences

Duet 3 (no SBC) via WiFi/Ethernet


Duet 5 via WiFi/Ethernet


Duet 5 via PanelDue port

supported but untested

Other Hardware

unclear, untested

Known Limitations

  • Max. directory listing limited to 95 entries
  • Max. directory path length: 255 characters
  • Max. file name length 63 characters
  • No WiFi connection to Duet3D + SBC due to API differences.
    Use the wired connection instead.

Technical Specification

HWv2 Hardware Module

  • Bright and sharp 3.5″ 16bit color display
  • 480×320 pixels resolution
  • High quality capacitive touch screen
  • Compact 94mmx61mmx13mm [length, width, depth] form factor
  • Flexible power options with 3.3 V, 5 V, 5-9 V and USB-C power input connectors
  • Powerful ESP32 SOC with 240 MHz for fast response times and 2 seconds boot time
  • 2.4 GHz WiFi (WPA/WEP2) support
  • Custom PCB for easy wired connection to Duet available soon

Refund Policy

Try RepPanel free of risk.

  • If you are unsure whether your 3D printer is supported or not, please contact me prior to your purchase.
  • I do offer a 14 days limited full refund for the RepPanel firmware you purchased, in case your printer turns out to be incompatible.
  • The hardware is not refundable with me. Please contact the hardware seller/shop you purchased from.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is called: WT32-SC01

The module is manufactured by wireless-tag and sold internationally. Sometimes it is advertised as a Seeed Studio product.

Beware that you might need to pay import tax if you order the module from a seller outside your economic zone.

Please refer to the documentation.

All firmware purchases are handled by our partner Etsy. Etsy is a well known platform with almost a 100 million users. It provides you all the security and convenience necessary.

After your payment was accepted by our partner Etsy, you will be re-directed to a page that will offer a download link to the purchased files. The purchase is also linked to your Etsy account, so you will be able to re-download it at any time in the future.

In addition, you will receive an email with your invoice, additional information.


If you encounter problems please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form below! Or directly via [email protected]

Your email address will be stored together with the purchase data. If a new version of RepPanel is available we will inform you via that email and provide a download link.

Absolutely! All firmware purchases are handled by our partner Etsy, a well known and trusted platform.


While Etsy maybe an unusual way of selling software, it is very convenient for you, absolutely secure and you will receive the download instantly. The purchase is also linked to your account and you will be able to re-download the package at any time in the future.

In short: The GitHub version is deprecated and requires you to build your own hardware. The here advertised HWv2 version supports a readily available hardware board that is ready for use. The new hardware also reduces the response time of the UI. The old hardware could only display 16 items per directory, whereas the HWv2 can do much more (>50 items) due to memory-optimized drivers. It also features hardware and software optimisations that notably increase the performance and stability of RepPanel. The HWv2 version is smaller and more compact than the GitHub version.


The GitHub version is so to say RepPanel v1. They share the same software core, but the more recent feature updates and support for improved hardware are only available on the HWv2 version available from this page. This includes bug fixes, babystepping, driver fixes etc.
The here advertised RepPanel HWv2 version is also the only version with active support. The GitHub version is deprecated and no longer developed.

By only selling the software I am able to reduce the price of RepPanel for customers significantly. It allows me to focus on the software while letting others handle the high costs involved with electronic hardware (import tax, (international) shipping, returns, refunding, disposal fees, FCC certification etc.)
Selling and shipping hardware in Europe/internationally requires you to obtain CE/FCC certifications, pay WEEE disposal fees and a lot of logistics. The fees can end up in the thousands even for small batches. Selling hardware becomes a numbers game and the financial, logistical and bureaucratic efforts stand in no comparison to the expected revenue if you do not go “big time”.
Example: Selling hardware + software would lead to an end price (at least) 4x-6x higher than the purchasing price of the hardware. Selling only the software and letting the bigger players handle all the cost intensive stuff allows you to conveniently buy at your local distributor while still saving a lot of money overall.

The license allows one individual to install RepPanel on up to five hardware modules for private use. Commercial use is limited to one installation per license. I do offer discounts on license purchases of 1+. Just contact me.

For private use you can install RepPanel on up to five devices per license. For commercial use, only one installation per license is allowed.

I am working on it and it looks promising, however I cannot guarantee support at this stage. Images are very memory consuming and the hardware offers only a few kB of RAM.

Yes, just contact me. If you have purchased a license, I am happy to give you access to the source code. You can modify it as you please, just don’t release it publicly.


Any questions left, need support?