v1.4.2 released 🎉

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foremost.decor Buaubol – Christl GbR
Gottfried-Böhm-Ring 42
81369 Munich

Shareholders: Nonthiya Buaubol, Wolfgang Christl
E-Mail: [email protected]
Responsible for content: Wolfgang Christl (address see above)

My name is Wolfgang, I am the developer of RepPanel.
I created RepPanel as a little side project because available 3D printer UIs were expensive and lacked a proper user experience. The first generation of RepPanel is based on custom DIY PCBs and screens from China. This HWv1 version lacked additional RAM, had some driver issues and was pretty bulky.

Since I believe that RepPanel is a great tool and many others would like to use it too, I decided to port the existing code to an off-the-shelf hardware board. This HWv2 version offers excellent value, does not require any hardware skills and fixes the existing driver and RAM problems of HWv1.

Because it is very time-consuming to develop an embedded UI with proper UX, support and documentation, I decided to link the new and improved version to a small fee. HWv1 remains open source but will not be maintained by me anymore.


I am selling RepPanel via my small business foremost.decor that focuses on additive manufacturing, so please do not be confused about the rather strange name that will show up on your invoice.